What makes a Classic?

Our resident motoring expert Graeme Hall talks about the popularity of classic cars and which models could be heading for classic status.

What makes a classic car? People often ask and the answer is that it depends on you. When you were born, what you drove in your younger days, what you aspired to, what your parents drove, all of these things can influence what you see as a classic.

Born in the sixties and growing up with  a petrol head father who ran Jaguars or those “funny foreign cars” I’ve always had a soft spot for E-Types, Citroens,  Lancias, Alfas, big Mercs and just about anything you could take the top off. But enough of that what about more modern “classics”?

In no particular order here are ten things that could or should gain classic status – it’s only my opinion.

1)    Citroen BX – Hatchback or Estate, petrol or diesel? When did you last see one? BX 16 Valve would be my choice.

2)    FIAT X1/9 – Proper baby Ferrari with a targa top and still affordable.

3)    Austin A40 – never as popular as a Morris 1000 but loads of charm.

4)    Opel Monza – big German coupe with lots of style, remember the manuals had a l.s.d. as standard.

5)    FIAT Panda 100hp – a real modern classic in waiting, get one while you can.

6)    Mercedes-Benz S-class (W126) – everyone should have one at some point!

7)    Porsche 928 – S2 or S4, both work for me.

8)    Lada Niva 4x4 – utilitarian Russian workhorse, and there are still some out there!

9)    TVR 280i/350i – the wedgy TVRs are so ‘80s.

10)  Citroen CX GTi- big, French, complicated, what could possibly go wrong?

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